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One Voice Awards 2022 Winner

I must admit, I am still in absolute awe of the incredible talent that was in the room on Saturday evening at this years One Voice Awards, and furthermore, what a wonderful group of people. The support network in the voice over industry is one of the most incredible I have ever encountered. The friendship, […]

The Voice of Lost Voice Guy

In 2021 a friend of mine called Steve Whiteoak (who took my headshots for me during the same year), tagged me in a post on Facebook by Lost Voice Guy, it was entitled “Looking for my Geordie Voice“, or words to that effect anyway. Ste was insistent that I should audition as at the time I only lived 10 […]

Lost Voice Guy gets his new voice In April 2021, I was given the incredible privilege of being chosen as the new Geordie voice of stand up comedian, Lost Voice Guy! In May 2021 I travelled to Edinburgh to spend 2 days in a studio recording the soon to be synthesised voice. Less than a year later and Lee has now […]

Lost Voice Guy announces Dan Pye as Geordie Voice

A little while ago, a flurry of Facebook tags led me to an article from 2018 Britains Got Talent winner Lee Ridley (aka Lost Voice Guy). The article was about Lee’s search for a new voice. If you’ve never encountered Lost Voice Guy before, he’s a stand up comedian who uses a sophisticated piece of […]

From Gaming Cafe and Conventions to Video Game Voice Actor

My voice over journey started and stopped a long time ago, but was reinvigorated in 2016, this is a brief history of what happened. Back in 2013, my partner and I conceived the concept of a place you could sit, read, and enjoy comics and video games. Somewhere likeminded individuals would gather in their masses […]

What Voice Over Studio Equipment Do I use?

Voice over studio equipment is a hole that you can easily get lost down, as the saying goes, all the kit and no……. idea, comes to mind, but kit is incredible important as a voice over artist, good kit ultimately improves your ability to create broadcast quality end results. During this time of lock down […]

Best Voice Actors

Of course growing up I had a list of what I considered to be the best voice actors in the business. The ones who inspired me, who made me fall in love with the industry. Amongst those voice actors were people such as Mel Blank, Nancy Cartwright, Rob Paulsen, and so many other incredible great […]

What is a voice over artist?

Voiceover, voice actor, voice artist, so many names and iterations of people using their voice as an instrument aside from singing. Whether that me narrating a TV program, a commercial on the TV, Radio, Cinema or nowadays online.

Geordie Voice Over

Visit Home Page Geordie Voice Over, Dan Pye grew up just outside Newcastle, where he developed a his distinct Geordie Accent. Suiting many voice over styles, from a natural speaking Geordie, to full Geordie Worker Stereotype, Dan has a Geordie Voice Over to suit all. Dan works with you take after take after take to […]

Voice Over

I’m a versatile 20/30s North Eastern / Geordie voiceover, naturally warm, banterous, quirky, passionate and filled with character. Fully equipped studio, available all day, every day. Bring your script to life, by getting in touch today!