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Dan Pye is a talented British male voice actor and voice-over artist, specialising in a 20-40s light northern/Geordie accent, although he performs in a neutral accent too. His voice is known for its comedic, warm, and engaging qualities, making him a versatile performer.

Dan’s award-winning voice can be heard in various settings: retail stores, nationwide television and radio, and character roles in video games. He is also the distinct Geordie voice of Lost Voice Guy.

He has lent his voice to numerous leading brands for advertisements and corporate videos. Dan’s quirky and unique tone ensures his work stands out. He records in a state-of-the-art, professionally trusted home studio and is available for international travel.

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British Gaming Voice Over Dan Pye in the studio

Dan Pye – British Male Geordie Voice Over

Dan Pye is a skilled British male voice actor and voice-over artist, renowned for his distinctive Geordie accent. His voice is characterised by a comedic, warm, and engaging tonality, making him a versatile choice for various projects.

You can hear Dan’s award-winning voice in retail stores, on television and radio nationwide, and in character roles for video games. He is also celebrated as the Geordie voice of Lost Voice Guy, adding a unique regional touch to this popular act.

Dan has worked with many leading brands, providing his voice for advertisements and corporate videos. His quirky and distinctive tone ensures that his work stands out in any setting. He records in a state-of-the-art, professionally trusted home studio and is available for international travel.

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Ello! I’m Dan Pye, I’m a British Male Voice Over Artist with a light regional Geordie accent!

You may have heard me as one of the male voice overs inspiring you to purchase things whilst doing your weekly shop in various national supermarkets. Was it perhaps on the television in between the programs on your favourite TV or Radio Stations. As a voice actor in Movies, TV Shows or Video Games, or at a stand up comedy gig as the voice of Lost Voice Guy? I’m provide my voice across all of those and many more! 

I am better know as a Northern / Geordie, British Male Voiceover and Actor, with a 20-30s friendly, trustworthy, relatable and quirky. My voice is very unique and distinctive, as it differs from a lot of Northern male accents given the amount of areas I have lived in the North. I have experience in creating male voices and characters in Video Games, Commercials, Narration, Continuity, Stage and Screen and more! 

Throughout my career I have been trained as a voice actor and stage actor, with personal coaching from various industry professionals, having also studied theatrical studies in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have been the male voiceover and actor of an incredible range of brands such as; BBC, Sky TV, Universal Studios, Channel 4, Amazon, Asda, Tesco and more. I have a broadcast quality home studio which you can connect to via Source Connect, CleanFeed and ipDTL for quick delivery. 

Please do get in touch and let’s bring your next project to life! – Dan


"Out of thousands of applicants, I kept coming back to Dan's voice. It was warm and friendly, which helps when you're a comedian."
voice of lost voice guy
Lost Voice Guy
Stand up Comedian
"Both the client and us agree that your voiceover talent really makes the video, and the SFX add another layer that really make the character stand out. The fact that you provided such a range of takes, adding different tones and inflections to the same phrases, especially with the SFX, really helped me when I came to the editing stage."
male voiceover for cronie creative
Gemma Cronnie
Cronnie Creative
"Dan has a great voice, is flexible and takes excellent direction, i would highly recommend Dan"
Julian Sharp
Director - Radio Jingles
"Dan was great to work with – responsive, flexible and a brilliant voice. He understood just what was needed for the tone of voice, and gave me plenty of great takes to work with. Thanks for all the hard work, looking forward to the next one!"
male voiceover for sage
James Hosker
Media Nerd
"Dan is great to work with - professional, friendly, and asks the right questions to make sure he's delivering the right read for your project. Dan's voice is incredibly versatile too, making him a great choice for a whole range of stuff... from characters to corporate!"​
male voice over for audible
Jack Allen
Innate Creative Productions on Behalf of Creative Fix
"Dan changed the face of my business with effective, natural presentation on screen, making it easy for my customers to understand our process, and give them essential information through tutorial and how to videos."
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Dan Pye – Professional British Voice Actor

Dan Pye is a seasoned British voice actor specializing in British English voice overs with a neutral British accent or a natural Geordie/northern British accent. As a skilled actor, he collaborates with media production companies and clients worldwide on a wide variety of projects. These include:

  • Commercial voice overs for TV, radio, and digital advertising
  • Corporate narration for internal and external company videos
  • Documentary narration for educational and entertainment purposes
  • eLearning and educational projects to enhance learning experiences
  • Video game voice overs to bring characters to life
  • Non-broadcast explainers for product demonstrations and training videos

Dan has a wealth of experience as a voice actor from a career spanning more than 20 years. If Dan isn’t suitable for your project, he can consult and help find the most appropriate voice actor for your needs.