Northern British Male Voice Over Actor



Narration, or as one might call it, story telling! 

Narration is an area of voice over I look forward to working in whenever the work comes in. Telling others stories and being able to breathe life into subjects which can otherwise just be a cloud of words on a page is what originally inspired me to seek this career path. I’m far from the tonality of the great David Attenborough, I have a quirky, fun vibe to my voice which lends itself very well to reality TV, but a flexibility in my range to more serious dramatic works. 

Although, I am most known for my Geordie accent, my speaking voice is quite neutral with a peppering of Geordie. This means I can move my accent to suit your project!

Here’s some samples of different styles which could be suitable for your next project. 

To download any of these narration samples, please click the link.

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