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I went to Gravity Show 2023

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I went to Gravity Show 2023 on the 26th August 2023. I bet you’re thinking, “that’s nice, and…”. Well, I wanted to share my overview with you about my experience. Mainly because I was initially going to this event as a bit of a drag along.

Last year, I visited the NEC Birmingham with my pal Liam. It certainly wasn’t my first visit, but this is all relevant in the narrative of this ode. We were attending Gardener’s World Live, an event I really wanted to go to, mainly because I couldn’t afford / justify the cost of going to Chelsea Flower show so this was like a consolation event. Liam came with me, and albeit that he likes gardening (he’s a gardener), he was visibly exhausted after being dragged around plants for 2 days, and so I obliged to go on a quest with him to an event I wouldn’t have normally seen as something I would go out of my way to attend.


Read on, there’s more below the video.

Gravity Show, organised by Slammed UK, is one of Europe’s self proclaimed premium car shows. Featuring cars of a variety of flavour, from sleek high value beauties, to personalised modded vehicles, sports cars for activities such as drifting, and classic / collectables. The vibe of the event from the promotional materials felt very much orientated to the modded car enthusiast with a vibe of nostalgic Max Power magazine. Something I might have previously said is a potential “chav fest”. Being a car fan, and very much having a soft spot for “cool cars”, I agreed to go along.

Leading up to the queue I was apprehensive, until I started seeing the variety of people walking in to join the queue. I am not one to generalise or stereotype (well, maybe I am a little), but looking at the variety of attendees, I was surprised. On the surface there was a wide ranging demographic of person, diverse, large age ranges, families to couples and singles, a great variety. On entering the venue we were greeted by some great garage beats thanks to the live DJ in the hall. This added an awesome ambiance with a feeling of Fast and Furious vibes. Immediately we were greeted to my delight with 2 incredible beauties, a Lamborghini and a Ferrari, gleaming in the lights of the giant Hall 17 of Birmingham’s NEC.

Event’s like this are always a little strange, you aren’t doing anything physical as such or engaging with much, just wandering from car to car admiring it’s beauty or features, but there’s something incredibly satisfying about that.

At the bottom end of the halls were the shopping areas, where visitors could buy anything from innovative new braking systems and suspensions, to stickers and air fresheners. My favourite booth here was Saito Works. I have visited their socials for a while, and noticed they sell all things Japanese related, which of course appeals hugely to me as a fan of Japan! I probably spent way too much money at this stall.

They certainly had my favourite car in their booth too… the Nissan 180ZX, what an incredible car, complete with pop up headlights, an essential component I would want to have if I were to purchase any such modded / classic car.

Throughout the days we were treated to some drifting displays, from the likes of Luke Woodham. This was entertaining to watch them essentially destroy their tyres around a section of outdoor space dedicated to the displays.

Another area I found entertaining was an area I could only describe as being inspired by the movie Ali G inDaHouse. The cars here were like something that had just fallen out of a 00s Max Power magazine, and boasted qualities I have only seen in cars on the TV Show, Pimp My Ride. Maybe elaborate for many, but I enjoyed the craftsmanship in these cars, and the ingenuity behind some of their features.

All in all, I really enjoyed this weekend and I will certainly be making an effort to attend next years. Find our more and keep up to date by heading to the Gravity website at