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Dan Pye – Voice Artist and Actor

Voice over artist and performer. Previous experience includes; BBC, Universal Studios, Currys PC World, UKRD, Barclays Premier League and more.

With over 14 years Broadcasting experience, Dan Pye’s current day job is as one of the founders and Managing Director of Dark Matter Events and Cafe Ltd. A unique gaming, cafe, comic book and “geek” culture experience. Based in Durham UK, Dark Matter Cafe operates currently from 1 property on Crossgate in Durham, visit at www.darkmattercafe.co.uk though with on site studio facilities, Dan can be ready to record or ipDTL within the hour.

Educated in Newcastle upon Tyne, from school to University, focusing on Media Production and Theatrical Studies at University, including active involvement with theatrical groups and animation voicing and on screen acting for student projects. Recent and current training and mentoring with Peter Dickson and Hugh Edwards with their professional voice over training program “Gravy for the Brain”

Natural Voice and Narration; Subtle Northern British

Characters and Accents; From typically British spoken to a wide range of regional accents and character voices, suitable for Gaming Voice Overs, Dramatics, Animaion and Charicatures and more.

Physical and Measurments
Hair: Red/Ginger
Trimmed Beard
Body Hair, pleantyful…
Height: 5′ 10″
Chest: 36″
Waist: 30″
Leg: 32″

Business Accumen

Dark Matter Events organise weekly events at Dark Matter Cafe, and other venues, which include Pokemon Tournaments, Magic the Gathering Tournaments, YuGiOh Tournaments and more. Dark Matter Events also organises larger Convention events, in 2 styles, DiddyCon and KingCon.

DiddyCon are the smaller events which are planned this year and next for Chester le Street and Darlington. These events compromise of mini convention style, with a selection of preview stalls for the larger events, a great headline attraction, comic workshops, interactive and gaming fun, with unique immersive and entertaining experiences.

KingCon is the larger of the events which take place in bigger venues in city centres. These events see thousands of people attend and be entertained by a variety of live theatre experiences, beautiful sets which make you feel part of the story, a huge range of stalls, and a mass of interactive entertainment, education and fun and games.

In the past Dan has had a successful career, which spanned in Radio for over 14 years, business management for Retailing and Online Business Development. Dan spent a long time learning and looking at the fundimentals of what it takes to engage an audience, how they react to different things, and how to identify what your customers really want, and how to give it to them without compromising other areas of business. Dan has had a great deal of influence online, building and maintaining online business turing over hundreds of thousands per month. Dan’s understanding of online, and what it takes to stand out, engage and interact with your customer, and build an effective system which works with your business is strong and backed up with years of evidence.

Dan was also one of a small founding team of NE1fm still broadcasting today on FM throughout Newcastle and Gateshead, as Vice Chairman to the Board of Director of Community Broadcasting Initiative Tyneside from 2004 -2007.

Specialising in voice over work and radio presentation and commercialism, Dan has a great northern British narration voice, which is flexible and dynamic for many roles. Working in the past with the likes of BBC, National and Local Radio Stations from Baurer Group, UKRD and other big brands such as USN, Universal Studios, SyFy Channel and more.

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