Geordie Voice Over - Dan Pye

Geordie Voice Over, Dan Pye grew up just outside Newcastle, after starting life in West Yorkshire, he developed a great Geordie Accent, which suits many voice over styles, from a natural speaking Geordie, to full Geordie Worker Stereotype, Dan has a Geordie Voice Over to suit all.
geordie voice over
Dan works with you take after take after take to make sure he get’s it just right for you. He has access to full studios with ISDN, as well as having professional recording facilities on hand at home, to produce studio quality sound, from morning till night. Most voice overs are delivered within a day or so, and should you require Dan on ISDN, he can gain access to one within the hour on most occasions. So call Dan today to book a Geordie Voice Over, that’s flexible to your requirements.  Email Dan today at [email protected] find out more about Dan’s Geordie Voice Over and other Voice Over work by clicking here

Geordie Voice Over

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"I think Dan's voice is perfect. I've always loved the Geordie accent and you've nailed the emotion perfectly. "
Jim White