Which Telescope should I buy? (beginners)

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This is such a common question when people realise you have a telescope and your taking photos. It heavily depends on a few things, though most importantly you should really begin with been rather strict with yourself and asking, “what do I want to do?” Take Photos or just look and discover? And then, how much you are willing to spend… If it’s photos, what do you want to take? Planets or deep space objects? 

There’s 3 major types of scope, Newtonian Reflector, Cassegrain and Refractor. Refractors are great for things really far away, and Newtonian’s are great at collecting lots of light, Cassegrain is a complimenting mix of the 2. I’m going to write a post in more detail around the differences soon. Personally I prefer to use Newtonian scopes, the produce a star shaped reflection due to the spider on the end of the scope and have a pretty wide field of view, so great for when you are starting out. Reflectors and Cassegrains tend to have a narrower field of view, due to the larger magnification capabilities. You can play with different scopes and eye pieces on this website astronomy.tools click the link to find out more.

It’s kind of difficult to manage peoples expectations with scopes, almost everything you look at is in black and white. If you just want to look, then I would recommend the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P, collects loads of light been 8inches in diameter and really really easy to manoeuvre on the Dobsonian mount. You can pick them up second hand for around £200 or new for around £279.

There’s lots of places you can get scopes from, but anything below this to be honest isn’t really worth it in my opinion, unless all you want to just look at is the moon.