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I specialise in Website Design and SEO, Building Shopping Cart Websites and WordPress Websites for small to medium local businesses in County Durham and North Yorkshire in North East England. From just £99 find our more by filling in the form below or heading to the contact us page.

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Background – Why

I designed my first website at the age of 12… yes, 12… we had Telewest internet installed, and at the time it came with your own web hosting, a small amount anyway, and I had always been interested in the geekier things in life, so I designed a website which in them days was purely HTML, so you could use Notepad to make your website. The web address was and it’s purpose was to be almost like a mini shopping mall online. Unfortunately my grand idea didn’t get recognised at the time although I went from there to design club websites, for things we had going on at school and my first piece of commercial web design work was for a pub called the View Tops in Beamish, County Durham, which is now sadly no longer there, then finally I birthed my own website which has in the past become my Beta testing website for most of the work which I now do. Sadly most of the previous examples of work which I have completed when I was younger are now gone. Most importantly the websites which work and get results thanks to further learning over the past few years are here now and going strong. See the examples on the left of how I can transform your website design from being dull and complex to simple, call to action and professional looking.

How do we design your website?

I work with you to understand your customers, how they interact with your business now and how they could interact in the future. We know that by looking on Google Key Words that people are searching phrases that relate to our businesses which we do not realise.

I work through a process of identifing your opportunities, looking at your overall website design and how easy it is for people to get in touch with you or to buy things from you.

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Then we look at you as the “Specialist” and how we can make your customers see you as the specialist in your business field. This could be integrating something such as YouTube Videos into your Website Design, which you can find examples of by clicking here, or creating a blog which you can update weekly with tips to your customers. Some people are a little scared of this, but then how different can you be to your potential customers which will make you stand out in a crowd of competition?

We then put all these findings together, design a website which engages and informs our customers, educates their inner need for information and justification, but also points them to the places they need to go to either get in touch with you or buy from your website, and then we work on moving you up the search rankings for key words and phrases. This all takes time and great detail and it’s very easy to get drawn in to quick solutions and over promises but simply my methods are never over promised, and I work step by step with you along the way, making sure you fully understand how it works, what we are doing, why it’s taking as long as it sometimes takes, and giving you the peace of mind that you are in safe and honest hands. Also I never over commit to work. Often I have a waiting list of clients as I will only deal with up to 10 People in any one time frame. So please if you are looking to take advantage of my services please book in early to have your Business Image transformed through one of the most noteable Web Designers and Business Consultants in County Durham and Darlington. See the image on the right for an example of when we began work on

For more information please email me or call me via the Contact Me Page

My Main service areas are Website Design and SEO in County Durham, Darlington and North Yorkshire