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During my Career progression I spent over a year with Star Radio in Darlington, Covering most of County Durham and North Yorkshire. I spent the period in the Commercial Team as an Media Consultant / Advertising Sales.

I owe alot to this little station that’s currently going from strength to strength, despite it been one of the toughest experiences of my career, I found it most challenging and rewarding at times. I have alot of respect for the team, the MD and the company behind this station UKRD.

I dare say I wouldn’t ever have learnt the, Life Experience, Knowledge, Skills or come to realise myself and what I needed to do to improve myself, my work ethics, and how I treat life both at work and away from work.

Star Radio is without doubt one of the best and worst experiences I ever had. The boss was tough but fair (a good kick up the arse was what I needed), and I had some seriously hard lessons which I had to learn, and fast. I was thrown in at the deep end, and for that I am greatful. I came across some tough challenges at Star Radio, but the biggest challenge was within me, how do I tackle the phone. For the life of me I could not face picking up the phone and calling clients to arrange appointments and sell products quickly. Some say I was over critical of the products on occassion and that was maybe down to the trouble shooting side of my brain, the desire to make sure the customer gets what they want and what they deserve, the satisfaction of being part of a team which listens to my views and adapts and discusses concerns and ideas. It was this that gave me the trust and respect that I got from my clients though. And that allowed me to earn every penny I possibly could from each of my prospects in a honest and professional way.

As for the phone, I got used with it and better at it, and I would say now that I am fine with the phone, I just don’t like parts of it. In the end, I needed a new, more dynamic challenge, and it was that which led me to work for one of my clients, despite offers from a number of them I found myself unable to resist the possibility that I could truely transform someones business, and that’s when I landed at iMemoryBox. You can see the progress by visiting a website I created from scratch, with pure learning, hard work and skill to become now one of the highest ranking Video Transfer Companies on the entire web!

Star Radio was the inspiration behind me as I am today, I would say it’s increased my hunger, detemination, and made me understand the life and work are treat differently. It also gave me so much knowledge and support which I will always be greatful for. It was also Star Radio which has influenced me to go back to my little community project in Newcastle, NE1fm 102.5 a full time community radio station in Newcastle and Gateshead, to which I am now holding the possition of Sponsorships and Promotions Manager.