Setting up your HEQ5Pro Mount

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Setting up your HEQ5Pro Mount isn’t as intimidating as it may seem. Reading lots of websites makes it particularly wordy and long. So I wanted to make it an easier to digest thing to do, to get you started, then as I get more involved, I can share my expanding knowledge with you, helping stage you into your new amazing hobby that is Star Grazing, or Astrophotography.

Now let’s get started. The HEQ5Pro is heavy… purposely! So it grounds your scope as it moves, and should there be a little wind! I use a Sky Watcher 150PDS. The reason I chose this in detail is mentioned in the “which scope to buy for astrophotography” blog, just to recap, it’s a great dual speed scope, light, easy to move around, and means we can get great stability with this mount, anything larger may get a little wobbly with Deep Sky Objects.

My set up is;

  • Skywatcher 150PDS with 9 x 50 Finder Scope
  • HEQ5Pro with SynScan
  • 28mm wide field 2″ Eyepiece

Assembling should be straight forward, and I guess balancing this is also fairly straight forward, however balance can change as we add eye pieces and equipment.