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Web Hosting is a vital part of building a website and you will need this to store your website on. It’s almost like when you go and get an office, you get space to put your things, in this case your website and other files etc you may wish to store on a server which is held somewhere else, safely and securely.

web hosting best and cheapThere’s loads of places you can get it from now, even Companies House allows you to buy domain hosting and register your website when you register your company. This is obviously more expensive. Most of the time with web hosting it is massively competitive too and there’s so many different packages and prices, and features etc that can really bog you down. So to make it easy, DanPye.com recommend what you need and nothing more. We also use and recommend only 2 companies on the web.

A lot of servers can be over populated and have a lot of down time, meaning they basically cut off your website and email server from time to time, sometimes short time, sometimes long time. Also speeds and bandwidth can be problematic with other populated servers, so when you connect to a website it may take longer to load than if it was on a less populated server, and also when you are uploading and downloading things from your site or emails it may be slower on over populated servers.

If you are looking for web hosting which is cheap, good quality and easy to use we can point you in the right direction.

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