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Dark Matter Cafe:

Dark Matter Cafe is the home page of my core business. This is where it all began, in Durham, on Crossgate, out of our little yellow building, we now work on building a community of “geeks” and like minded individuals and work with them to enhance their lives, through social interaction, and range of services, outreach campaigns and conventions, as well as a plethora of retailing, and hospitality based services.


DiddyCon is the smaller of our conventions we host in 2 locations across the North East, and has a preview of our larger conventions, mixed with fun and games, interactive experiences, and a blend of stalls and a great special guest.


KingCon is the larger of our events, and our pioneer event, with entertaining theatre experiences, immersive sets, a ton of stalls, experiences, fun and games, interactive exhibits, big sponsors, and at stunning North East City Centre Venues.