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The Dan Pye Radio Show

On NE1fm 102.5 in Newcastle and Gateshead

The Dan Pye Show has now come to an end due to the increased workload Dan has. However it may return… one day…
Dan Pye Radio PresenterThe Dan Pye Radio Show airs weekly on NE1fm 102.5 a full time community radio station in Newcastle and Gateshead. Dan once held a show on his own when he went by the name Kush-D, this was hideous, then he met a guy called Kev and so was born the Kanned Weekend which ran for a few years until sadly ending, Dan then took some time to reflect, went and worked on other radio projects etc etc blah blah and then came up with this!!! The Dan Pye Radio Show, featuring Liam, Lindsey and regular guest break through comedian Andy Hayhurst, to produce some of the best radio you will ever hear!

Featuring, Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue, a mix of music from something Old Skool, something New, Something borrowed from somewhere else in the world, and something that you wouldn’t normally hear on the radio (something out of the blue…)

Challenge Liam, this is when Liam takes part in some highly difficult questions and when he gets them wrong he has to do some press ups… We don’t tend to do this anymore…

Rob Pears talks, this is where we talk to Rob about things… NICE!

Andy Hayhurst tries not to swear or get us in big trouble with some comedy and his take on the events of the week.
The Quiz, world famous, Lindsey and Liam take on each other in the ultimate battle of intelligence… or something like that. They have to make noises of animals as buzzer sounds, it’s very good.
Dear Dan, back by popular demand Dan takes the challenge to help you fix those many life issues you have! Email Dan now.

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