Orion 04/02/2017

Orion’s Nebula again, shorter exposures and slightly different angle this time, still trying to get more structure and depth to it.  Skywatcher 150pds, HEQ5Pro, guided with ZWO-ASI120-S, Canon 550d unmodded, 27 x 30s 800iso, stacked in DSS, colours edited with Lightroom, and restacked and black enhancements and hot pixel removal with Photoshop.

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Liam’s Dating Video by Dan

My friend Liam was having issues with the ladies, so I, as the kind, loving friend that I am, produced a video for him to help him along his way!

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Creating is our passion

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Listen how it sounds

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Emile Zola

There are two men inside the artist, the poet and the craftsman. One is born a poet. One becomes a craftsman.

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Gallery from our latest workshop

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Visit our stand on Expo in Singapore (Flickr Post)

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Support our project on Kickstart. Last 10 days!


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Birth of a guitar

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What’s stopping you?

About a year ago I experienced something which I always thought was never really possible, I thought it was pipe theories and just motivational “bull crap”, but then I looked at it with logic rather than thinking about how I felt about what I heard, and something strange happened. I realised that actually, what people […]

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